Introduction to the RAC Email Discussion Groups

The Raleigh Astronomy Club communicates primarily through email.

The club has email addresses through a service called “” which act like listserv’s.  These lists facilitate club communication.   Only members current on their dues are on the distribution list and only a valid email address is required to participate.  To use the list, simply send an email to the email address and the service will automatically be distributed to everyone in the group.  Messages by others will be delivered to your email address and can be read however you typically read email, for example, on Gmail or Outlook.  Alternatively, offers a web interface.

There are two primary email lists which all members are initially subscribed:

[email protected]:  This group is for club announcements by the officers and committee heads.   You will receive periodic email from this list.  We ask you do not unsubscribe from this group.

[email protected]:  This is the primary discussion group for the club.  Any member can post and reply to message.

The simplest directions:

Start sending messages to the group to [email protected]

For most users, using the new email address is all you need.  Messages will be automatically delivered wherever you usually read your email.

For Advanced Users or Users Using the Web Interface to Read/Send Messages

We have provided a guide available on our member help section of the website.   The guide is broken into 4 parts currently.

Introduction (this page)

Logging Into the Web Interface

Subgroups – Subscribing and Unsubscribing

If you still need help, send an email to the list or to [email protected].