AL Observing Programs

Raleigh Astronomy Club members are able to participate in the Astronomical (AL) observing programs and RAC observing programs described below.

AL Observing Programs

The Astronomical League offers several interesting observing programs. The available observing programs cover a wide range of interests and skill levels providing something for everyone. Club members can participate in any of the Astronomical League observing programs.

Several members have received awards from the Astronomical League. If you’d like to know more about these awards or the others offered by the Astronomical League, visit the Astronomical League Observing Clubs web page.

ALCor Brian Reasor awarding Ian Hewitt a certificate for completing the Herschel 400
Once you have completed the requirements for a program, submit your material to the Club’s Astronomical League Coordinator at [email protected].




RAC AL Observing Club Awardees

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