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Astrophotography, also known as “imaging,” is one of the fastest growing interest areas of amateur astronomy. There’s so much to learn and share that RAC created a separate subgroup in November 2007 that is still going strong more than fifteen years later.

We welcome both experienced and prospective astro-imagers to join our group. We have monthly dinner meetings where members share their experiences, images and knowledge so we can all get better at this fascinating and rewarding hobby.

In addition to the monthly meetings, we have ad-hoc training sessions, both online and in-person, on all aspects of astrophotography, from selecting gear to acquiring images, and then processing them to produce the best picture possible from your data.

We also have an active mailing list where members exchange ideas and answer questions all month long.

When conditions are good, we go to our dark site for imaging sessions. Our more experienced members are usually there to help others with setup and questions about operating their gear.

Our group has members interested in all aspects of astro-imaging – from solar to deep sky objects, lunar, planetary, nightscapes and more. We also have people doing “Electronically Assisted Astronomy” or EAA, using digital cameras and software to see objects more clearly in real time.

The only requirement to join is RAC membership and the desire to participate with an enthusiastic group of area astro-imagers – we hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Upcoming Imaging Meetings:

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