Getting Started in Astronomy


Buying a Telescope:

So many choices, so if you need some advice, we can help.  The answer isn’t the same for everyone, so think about how you will use the telescope and what you want to see and do with it.  Then, swing over to our guide for a start to help narrow the choices.

For More Info: Buying a Telescope


What did I see – Night Sky Telescope Targets:

If you’ve looked at an object through a telescope at an outreach event or are curious what you may see if you come to one, we’ve listed some of the more popular targets – with pictures!

For More Info:  Telescope Targets


Apps and Tools:

There are a treasure trove of free and paid apps (iOS and Android) and computer programs to help take your stargazing to the next level.  From something simple like a lunar map, to star charts, to planning an observing session, we list our favorite tools.

For More Info:   Observing Tools


Astro Imaging:

The club has an active and talented group of imagers.  Learn more about this popular side of the hobby and get in touch with our imaging special interest group.

For More Info:  Astro Imaging SIG


Classes and Clinics:

[NOTE:   Classes and Clinics are coming back!]

RAC has several introductory classes we offer on a rotating basis.  Keep an eye on our club calendar when these classes are scheduled.   Additionally, if you have a telescope and not sure how to use it, our clinics may be a good opportunity to get it checked out and learn how to use it.

For More Info: Classes and Clinics


Go Observing:

The best way to get started in Astronomy is to spend time under the stars.  Join the club for one of our meetings.

For More Info:  Meetings and Observing


Join the Raleigh Astronomy Club:

A shameless plug.  If you want to learn about Astronomy, the club is a great resource.  Our private email group discusses a bit of everything relating to the hobby.  

For More Info:  Benefits of RAC Membership

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