Telescope Basics

Telescope Basics Class

So do you have telescope at home that you wish you knew how to use? Or maybe a telescope that needs work before it can be a instrument that will show off the beauty of the night sky to you? Maybe you just want to learn a little more about amateur telescopes but don’t know where to start?

The Raleigh Astronomy Club is dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the Raleigh North Carolina area. Our goal is to educate the public on telescope use thus promoting satisfying and productive observing experiences. This free class is designed for those that have a telescope at home, but they want to learn more about using it. The class covers things set up, finder alignment, collimation, polar alignment, and equipment trouble spots. Even if you do not own a telescope yet, please come out and learn some valuable information that will help you purchase the right telescope for you.

Participants are encouraged to bring their telescopes to the clinic. Experienced amateur astronomers will be on hand to assist you. The clinic will consist of a presentation, a guided hands-on tutorial and finally an introductory observing session. The agenda is:

  • Telescope Basics
  • Types of Telescopes
  • Setting up Your Telescope (Hands-On Exercise)
  • Equipment Trouble Spots for Beginners
  • Planning an Observation Session
  • Actual Evening Observing Session (weather permitting)


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