How to Donate a Telescope to RAC

If you have an old telescope laying around that you want to get rid of, but do not want to throw out, RAC may be able to accept it.  RAC owned telescopes are used as part of a pool of loaner telescopes for our members.  This gives our members the opportunity to try telescopes before investing in one.

What Kinds of Telescopes does RAC Accept?

  •  Telescopes must be in working order.  Other than cleaning, they cannot be broken.  The glass must not be cracked, mirrors still reflective, and, if mounted, the electronics must still operate without any obvious anomolies.
  • Generally, we only accept telescopes at least 6″ in diameter (the aperture).  We also accept higher quality refracting telescopes.
  • RAC may also accept donations of eyepieces and other astronomy equipment.

Next Steps

If you wish to donate a scope, send an email to the club ([email protected]) with the following:

  •  A description of the telescope and why you are looking to donate it.
  • Pictures!  Pictures are very helpful so we can determine not only the condition of the telescope, but what kind of telescope you have and where it fits with our current stock of scopes.
  • Where you are located (general vicinity is OK at this stage)

If we accept the telescope as a donation, as we are a nonprofit organization you can ask for a charitable gift receipt for the current value of the donation.

If your telescope isn’t suitable for club donation, we can pass the offer to our club membership and they can contact you directly if interested.  Unfortunately, private transactions are not tax deductible.

Do you Buy Telescopes?

No, RAC will not purchase a telescope, we only accept donations.  However, if you prefer to sell your telescope you can either post it online and/or we can share your email with our members and have them contact you directly if they are interested.  In the latter case, it is very helpful to include your asking price.