One feature of the service is the ability to quickly create new distribution lists.  These groups typically inherit the user list from the top level group (announcements), so they are called subgroups.  The only requirement for a subgroup is that all members are allowed to join if they wish.

All members are automatically subscribed to the announcements list (for club announcements, not discussion) and the members list, [email protected].  The members list is the general chat group.  The club has other distribution lists as well, for example, the list for the astro imaging subcommittee.

Subscribing To Groups:

In addition to the logging into the web interface (see below), you can subscribe to a group by sending an email to [group name][email protected]  For example, [email protected]

Unsubscribing From Groups:

You can unsubscribe much the same way…   [group name][email protected]  For example, [email protected]

Other groups can be created or removed as needed.  Feel free to ask!

We ask you do not unsubscribe from [email protected] as that is the primary communication tool to reach all our members.

Using the Web Interface:

To Subscribe or See the Groups:

  1. Log Into the Web Interface
  2. Make sure you are on the home page for the announcements group.
  3. The list of all subgroups is in the lower right.
  4. Clicking the subgroups menu item (left column) will bring you to the next screen.
  5. The screen shows which groups you are subscribed to and which you can join.
  6. Clicking the link to see the group will bring up another page allowing you to join the group (there will be a blue button that says “join”, no pictured)

To Unsubscribe through the web interface:

Once logged in, click on “Your Groups” and “Manage my Subscriptions”



Then, select the groups you wish to unsubscribe from, and click “actions” and “unsubscribe”