Those That Have Served

The Raleigh Astronomy Club could not have been as successful or done all the good work for the community without the efforts from the many member who have served as officers over the years. Below is the list of those members who have served in Officer roles and as heads of various committees. We sincerely thank every member who has volunteered their time and effort through these positions.


1978-1979Bob Melvin (1)--------
1979-1980Bob Melvin (2)--------
1980-1981Bob Melvin (3)--------
1981-1982Bob Melvin (4)Rene Ward (1)------
1982-1983Fred Gurney (1)Mike Searle (1)Jerry Watson (1)Dave Moore (1)Mark Lang (1)
1983-1984Fred Gurney (2)Mark Lang (1)Jerry Watson (2)Rene Ward (1)Dave Moore (1)
1984-1985Mike Searle (2)Mark Lang (2)Jerry Watson (3)Mike Searle (1)Mark Lang (2)
1985-1986Bob Thornburg (1)Carl Moreschi (1)Alan Mitchell (1)Rene Ward (2)Ron Faircloth (1)
1986-1987Dave Doty (1)Mike Searle (3)Jerry Watson (4)Rene Ward (3)Ron Faircloth (2)
1987-1988Dave Doty (2)Paul Kosht (1)Phyllis Knight (1)Greg Gittings (1)David Williams (1)
1988-1989Gary Held (1)Mike Searle (4)Phyllis Lang (2)Denise Williams (1)David Williams (2)
1989-1990Gary Held (2)Dave Doty (3)David Williams (1)Denise Williams (2)Phyllis Lang (2)
1990-1991Gary Held (3)Jim Pressley (1)David Williams (2)Mark Lang (1)John Hogsed (1)
1991-1992Gary Held (4)Jim Pressley (2)Mike Searle (5)Mike Albers (1)John Hogsed (2)
1992-1993Jerry Watson (5)Jim Pressley (3)Mike Searle (6)Mike Albers (2)Paul Kosht (1)
1993-1994Jerry Watson (6)Phyllis Lang (3)David Williams (3)Rene Ward (4)Kerry McElwee (1)
1994-1995Jerry Watson (7)Phyllis Lang (4)David Williams (4)Aaron Henderson (1)Denise Williams (1)
1995-1996Jerry Watson (8)Phyllis Lang (5)David Williams (5)Tina Carpenter (1)Denise Williams (2)
1996-1997Jerry Watson (9)Gary Held (5)David Williams (6)Sara Tucker (1)Denise Williams (3)
1997-1998Needham Boddie (1)Gary Held (6)Aaron Henderson (1)Mark Lang (2)Scott Carpenter (1)
1998-1999Needham Boddie (2)Gary Held (7)Mike Brooks (1)Mark Lang (3)Scott Carpenter (2)
1999-2000Needham Boddie (3)Gary Held (8)Mike Brooks (2)Mark Lang (4)Scott Carpenter (3)
2000-2001Eric Honeycutt (1)Gary Held (9)Mike Brooks (3)Mark Lang (5)Jeff Barcshaw (1)
2001-2002Bill Webster (1)Gary Held (10)Mike Brooks (4)Mark Lang (6)Jeff Barcshaw (2)
2002-2003Bill Webster (2)Gary Held (11)Doug Lively (1)Mark Lang (7)Jeff Barcshaw (3)
2003-2004Bill Webster (3)Gary Held (12)Doug Lively (2)/Ian Hewitt (1)Mark Lang (8)Paul Rust (1)
2004-2005Bill Webster (4)Gary Held (13)/Doug Lively (3)Ian Hewitt (2)Mark Lang (9)Paul Rust (2)
2005-2006Bill Webster (5)Doug Lively (4)Ian Hewitt (3)Mark Lang (10)Jim Dellapenna (1)
2006-2007Bill Webster (6)Doug Lively (5)Ian Hewitt (4)Mark Lang (11)Jim Dellapenna (2)
2007-2008Bill Webster (7)Doug Lively (6)Ian Hewitt (5)Mark Lang (12)Jim Dellapenna (3)
2008-2009Bill Webster (8)Doug Lively (7)Ian Hewitt (6)Mark Lang (13)Jim Dellapenna (4)
2009-2010Bill Webster (9)Doug Lively (8)Ian Hewitt (7)Mark Lang (14)Jim Dellapenna (5)
2010-2011Michael Keefe (1)Doug Lively (9)Ian Hewitt (8)Mark Lang (15)Jim Dellapenna (6)
2011-2012Michael Keefe (2)Doug Lively (10)Ian Hewitt (9)Ann Murphy (1)Jim Dellapenna (7)
2012-2013Michael Keefe (3)Phyllis Lang (3)Ian Hewitt (10)Ann Murphy (2)Chuck Jaynes (1)
2013-2014Michael Keefe (4)Chris Cole (1)Ian Hewitt (11)Ann Murphy (3)Chuck Jaynes (2)
2014-2015Michael Keefe (5)Chris Cole (2)Brian Reasor (1)Ann Murphy (4)Danny Marbell (1)
2015-2016Mike Mantini (1)Chris Cole (3)Phyllis Lang (4)Matt Lochansky (1)Steve Izzo (1)
2016-2017John Sadler (1)Chris Cole (4)Doug Lively (11)Dave Brugger (1)Steve Izzo (2)
2017-2018John Sadler (2)Ann Murphy (1)Doug Lively (12)Chris Cole (1)Steve Izzo (3)
2018-2019Steven Blake (1)Ann Murphy (2)Doug Lively (13)Phyllis Lang (1)Steve Izzo (4)

Commitee Heads

YearNewsletter EditorAsst Newsletter EditorSchool/EducationPublic Observing
1980-1981Gene Dees (1)------
1981-1982Gene Dees (2)------
1982-1983Rene Ward (1)/Jerry Watson (1)------
1983-1984Gene Dees (3)Bob Thornburg (1)----
1984-1985Mark Lang (1)Bob Thornburg (2)----
1985-1986Mark Lang (2)Bob Thornburg (3)----
1986-1987Mark Lang (3)Bob Thornburg (4)----
1987-1988Mark Lang (4)Bob Thornburg (5)----
1988-1989Mark Lang (5)Bob Thornburg (6)----
1989-1990Mark Lang (6)Bob Thornburg (7)--Jerry Watson (1)
1990-1991Mark Lang (7)Bob Thornburg (8)--Jerry Watson (2)
1991-1992Mark Lang (8)Bob Thornburg (9)Paul Kosht (1)/David Williams (1)/Don Morris (1)Jerry Watson (3)
1992-1993Mark Lang (9)Bob Thornburg (10)Paul Kosht (2)/David Williams (2)/Don Morris (2)Jerry Watson (4)
1993-1994Mark Lang (10)Bob Thornburg (11)David Williams (3)/Don Morris (3)/Steve Goodman (1)Aaron Henderson (1)
1994-1995Mark Lang (11)Bob Thornburg (12)David Williams (4)/Don Morris (4)/Steve Goodman (2)Aaron Henderson (2)
1995-1996Mark Lang (12)Bob Thornburg (13)David Williams (5)/Don Morris (5)/Steve Goodman (3)Aaron Henderson (3)
1996-1997Mark Lang (13)Bob Thornburg (14)/Phyllis Lang (1)David Williams (6)/Don Morris (6)/Steve Goodman (4)Aaron Henderson (4)
1997-1998Mark Lang (14)Phyllis Lang (2)David Williams (7)/Steve Goodman (5)Aaron Henderson (5)
1998-1999Mark Lang (15)Phyllis Lang (3)Steve Goodman (6)Aaron Henderson (6)
1999-2000Mark Lang (16)Phyllis Lang (4)Steve Goodman (7)Aaron Henderson (7)
2000-2001Mark Lang (17)Phyllis Lang (5)Steve Goodman (8)Aaron Henderson (8)
2001-2002Mark Lang (18)Phyllis Lang (6)Steve Goodman (9)Aaron Henderson (9)
2002-2003Mark Lang (19)Phyllis Lang (7)Steve Goodman (10)Aaron Henderson (10)
2003-2004Mark Lang (20)Phyllis Lang (8)Steve Goodman (11)Steve Goodman (1)
2004-2005Mark Lang (21)Phyllis Lang (9)Steve Goodman (12)Steve Goodman (2)
2005-2006Mark Lang (22)Phyllis Lang (10)Steve Goodman (13)Steve Goodman (3)
2006-2007Mark Lang (23)Phyllis Lang (11)Steve Goodman (14)Steve Goodman (4)
2007-2008Mark Lang (24)Phyllis Lang (12)Steve Goodman (15)/Richard Ossowski (1)Steve Goodman (5)/Richard Ossowski (1)
2008-2009----Richard Ossowski (2)Steve Goodman (5)
2009-2010----Richard Ossowski (3)--
2010-2011----Richard Ossowski (4)--
2014-2015Brian Reasor
2015-2016Matt Lochansky (1)
2016-2017Matt Lochansky (2)
2017-2018Matt Lochansky (3)
2018-2019Matt Lochansky (4)
YearPublicityTravelMorris Observatory
1983-1984Mike Golio (1)Mike Searle (1)----
1987-1988Mike Searle (1)Mike Searle (2)----
1988-1989Mike Searle (2)Mike Searle (3)----
1989-1990Phyllis Lang (1)----Jerry Watson (1)
1990-1991Greg Gittings (1)----Jerry Watson (2)
1991-1992----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (3)
1992-1993----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (4)
1993-1994----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (5)
1994-1995----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (6)
1995-1996----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (7)
1996-1997----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (8)
1997-1998----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (9)
1998-1999----Al Hamrick (1)Jerry Watson (10)
1999-2000--------Jerry Watson (11)
2000-2001--------Jerry Watson (12)
2001-2002--------Jerry Watson (13)
2002-2003--------Jerry Watson (14)
2003-2004--------Jerry Watson (15)
2004-2005--------Jerry Watson (16)
2005-2006--------Jerry Watson (17)
2006-2007--------Jerry Watson (18)
2007-2008--------Jerry Watson (19)
2008-2009Mark Gibson (1)--------
2009-2010Mark Gibson (2)--------

Imaging Group Leaders

YearImagingRadio Astronomy
2007-2008Robert Fitzgerald (1)/Mike Fulbright (1)---
2008-2009Steve Izzo (1)Chris Waldrup (1)
2009-2010Steve Izzo (2)---
2010-2011Steve Izzo (3)---
2011-2012Steve Izzo (4)---
2012-2013Steve Izzo (5)---
2013-2014Steve Izzo (6)---
2014-2015Steve Izzo (7)---
2015-2016Steve Izzo (8)---
2016-2017Chris Cole (1)---

Other Positions

1983-1984Mike Golio (1)------
1984-1985Phyllis Lang (1)------
1985-1986Phyllis Lang (2)------
1986-1987Phyllis Lang (3)------
1987-1988Phyllis Lang (4)------
1993-1994Phyllis Lang (5)-----
1994-1995Phyllis Lang (6)-----
1995-1996Phyllis Lang 7)------
1996-1997Phyllis Lang 8)---Aaron Henderson (1)
1997-1998Phyllis Lang (9)---Phyllis Lang (1)
1998-1999Phyllis Lang (10)---Phyllis Lang (2)
1999-2000Phyllis Lang (11)---Phyllis Lang (3)
2000-2001Phyllis Lang (12)---Phyllis Lang (40)
2001-2002Phyllis Lang (13)---Phyllis Lang (5)
2002-2003Phyllis Lang (14)---Phyllis Lang (6)
2003-2004Phyllis Lang (15)---Phyllis Lang (7)
2004-2005Phyllis Lang (16)---Phyllis Lang (80)
2005-2006Phyllis Lang (17)---Phyllis Lang (9)
2006-2007Phyllis Lang (18)---Phyllis Lang (10)
2007-2008Phyllis Lang (19)---Chuck Jaynes (1)/Srimanth Gunturi (1)
2008-2009Phyllis Lang (20)Michael Keefe (1)Chuck Jaynes (2)/Srimanth Gunturi (2)
2009-2010Phyllis Lang (21)Michael Keefe (2)Chuck Jaynes (3)
2010-2011Phyllis Lang (22)Michael Keefe (3)Chuck Jaynes (4)
2011-2012Brian Reasor (1)John Irwin (1)Chuck Jaynes (5)/Gary Scott (1)
2012-2013Brian Reasor (2)John Irwin (2)Michael Kidd (1)
2013-2014Brian Reasor (3)John Irwin (3)Michael Kidd (2)
2014-2015Doug Lively (1)John Sadler (1)Ian Hewitt (1)
2015-2016Doug Lively (2)John Sadler (2)Ian Hewitt (2)/Matt Lochansky (1)
2016-2017Doug Lively (3)Matt Lochansky (2)
2017-2018Doug Lively (4)Matt Lochansky (3)
2018-2019Doug Lively 5)Matt Lochansky (4)

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