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Who is the Raleigh Astronomy Club (RAC)?

RAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit hobby club dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the Raleigh, NC, USA area.  Our mission is to promote amateur astronomy in the community:

  • To increase and enhance the Raleigh Astronomy Club member’s knowledge of astronomy and
    their skills to constructively pursue amateur astronomy
  • To stimulate interest of the citizens of the city of Raleigh and surrounding communities in
    astronomy and related sciences
  • To encourage members of the Raleigh Astronomy Club to serve the citizens of the city of Raleigh
    and surrounding communities by providing educational assistance on subjects related to

Our Members

In 2021, membership in RAC grew to over 400 astronomy enthusiasts with a diverse range of interests in the hobby.  RAC is a great place to start learning – many of our members do not have a telescope or are just starting to learn how to use one.  At the same time, more experienced members are happy to help.  All our members seem to have a different interests and we come together to share our experiences and learn from each other.


There are no requirements to join us as a member.   Read about the benefits of membership and if you are ready, join our club.  Once you join, be on the lookup for more information from our treasurer to get you connected to our email and other resources. 

Where can you find us?

Note: Please be conscious of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are not feeling well and/or showing any signs of illness, please stay home. If you’re not comfortable being around people, we understand; please take all the precautions you see fit. Please follow the meeting location’s mask guidelines.

5 Ways to Interact with RAC

RAC meets both in-person and virtually (on the Zoom videoconferencing platform). We meet monthly as a club including a presentation followed by a business meeting. Additionally, our Imaging group meets monthly for a presentation and sharing members photos. These meetings are open to the public but require advance registration on our website (find the event on the calendar and sign up).  Topics can be anything astronomy related ranging from introductory to intermediate. Everyone is welcome.

The club is now doing face-to-face outreach once again (after the pandemic) – keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter pages for details.

Bringing Amateur Astronomy to the Raleigh Area since 1977
Benefits of Membership
What to expect when you join the Raleigh Astronomy Club

Private Events and Leadership Opportunities

No telescope required! The club has workshops and events for members only and there are always opportunities to help the club and our community.

Membership in the Astronomical League

Each RAC Membership comes with membership in the Astronomical League which includes a subscription to their quarterly magazine, “The Reflector”. Complete observing challenges for certificates and pins.

Exclusive Email Group

Get access to our members only email groups. Find out about impromptu observing sessions and astronomical events, ask questions to interact with amateur astronomers of all experience levels, and learn what’s going on in the the world of Astronomy.

Loaner Telescopes

RAC has a collection of loaner telescopes that you can check out for a minimum of three months. WE have several different types of telescopes so you can try before you buy, or if you own a telescope, try something different.

Meetings and Observing

Learn about club meetings and observing sessions, then go over to the club calendar to find out when and where!

Community Outreach

RAC brings the astronomy hobby across the Raleigh area. See how we can help you!

Getting Started in Astronomy

Resources to get started in the hobby, from telescopes to apps and more

Members Portal

Member directory and other club documents for current club members (requires username and password)

RAC is a non profit organization

Please send general inquiries to [email protected]

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