RAC Email: Footer Links

The Helpful Menu in the Email Footer

The bottom of each email should including something like the following:

This offers a range of ways to reply to the individual message.

View/Reply Online - This will redirect you to the web interface where you can compose a reply to the email thread

Reply To Group - This starts a reply to the thread using your default email client

Reply To Sender - Send a reply to the sender of the email, directly, off-list

Mute This Topic - If you no longer want replies for the email thread, this will prevent further emails on the topic from being sent to you

New Topic - Start a new discussion!

Change Your Subscription - Changes you delivery options (e.g. daily digests, grouped digests, "no mail" or the normal immediate email

Group Home - This link takes you to the web interface where you can view message archives.  There are other features here which are not being used at this time.

Contact Group Owner - For RAC, this is another way to contact your friendly webmaster(s).

Terms of Service - Groups.io has terms of service similar to any 3rd party service provider

Unsubscribe from Group - Allows you to unfollow the group.  We ask you not unfollow the top level announcement group, but you can leave any other group, including the very active member discussion forum.