RAC Policies

RAC Policies

The Raleigh Astronomy Club (RAC) is a responsible NC Corporation and adheres to all requirements for a North Carolina 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the Raleigh, NC, USA area. The Raleigh Astronomy Club’s legal and policy documents are listed below and available to the membership. If you have any questions about these documents please contact RAC at [email protected].

Constitution and Bylaws
RAC operates with regards to a written constitution and bylaws.

  RAC Constitution April 2018 (112.6 KiB, 276 hits)

  RAC Constitution - April 2018 (112.6 KiB, 229 hits)

Code of Conduct
RAC has a code of conduct which is for the protection of all members. It insures that all business is conducted ethically and the environment is positive for all members (no discrimination, harassment, et. al.). RAC encourages all members to review this document.

  RAC Code of Conduct (59.9 KiB, 791 hits)

Whistleblower Policy
Any member that believes there is a violation of the code of conduct by any member or officer is encouraged to report it to any officer(s). If the member is not comfortable reporting this to any officer, it can be reported to the RAC compliance coordinator.

Please note that no matter how the concern is reported or to whom it is reported, there will never be any retaliation or negative consequences against the member reporting the concern.

  Whistleblower Policy (59.6 KiB, 798 hits)

Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Information
Please Note: RAC does not release any member information outside of the Raleigh Astronomy Club, except where noted in our privacy policy. One exception to this rule is the required member information which is sent to the Astronomical League. If any member does not want this information sent to the Astronomical League, please contact the Secretary at [email protected].

  Privacy Policy (69.8 KiB, 880 hits)

Other RAC Documents

  Document Retention Policy (95.6 KiB, 797 hits)

  Tax Exempt Documents (3.7 MiB, 940 hits)

RAC is a non profit organization

Please send general inquiries to [email protected]

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