Aperture is king

For visual astronomy (looking through the eyepiece at the telescope), aperture is the most important feature of a telescope. Telescopes are light concentrators, so a bigger aperture collects more light and dim objects are brighter. Magnification is not an important consideration for most first-time telescope buyers. For most newcomers to the hobby, it is recommended to start with at least 1200mm of focal length and at least a 6″ mirror. For every 2″ of aperture you add ~72% more light…

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I Purchased the Starry Night program to help with star alignment and location of objects and found out that it is a big help but was still not getting to the objects as I expected.  I thought that the problem might be with my polar alignment, so I started looking into ways to improve on that.  I was quick to discover that there is a camera that would get excellent polar alignment.  So, entering my world was the Orion StarShoot…

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May 2020 Star Newsletter

2020 May MY VENTURE INTO ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY By Gerry DiNunzio  Facebook Highlights  Astronomy Meets Amateur Radio  RACOBS Friday 22 May *Cancelled* PixInsight DBE Function Imaging Meeting 9 May RAC Meeting Minutes 8 May 2020 Stellar Spectroscopy   Website Content of the Month Star Newsletter April 2020 Home Page

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