Club Owned Telescopes Removed from Loaner Pool

The following telescopes have been removed from the loaner scope pool for a variety of reasons.  We have decided to dispose of these scopes in 2016 as part of an annual fundraising effort to rehabilitate the remaining loaner scopes in the pool.  These scopes will likely be auctioned off to the highest bidder during the fund raising period.  If you have any questions about the scopes below, please contact the Loaner Telescope Coordinator at [email protected].

Club Owned Loaner Disposition Telescopes

DS4Coulter-CT-100Coulter CT-100 4.5" desktop Newtonian on wooden Alt-Az mount

Accessories: Celestron Hard Case

This scope is probably going to be on display for a period of time at the NCSU crafts center. This scope is NOT available for sale at this time.
DS5Polaris-NewtPolaris 114mm Newtonian f/8 on equatorial mount

Accessories: None
The retention clamps are missing some screws. There are several nuts and bolts missing that hold this scope together. All of the missing components can probably be replaced via a trip to Home Depot or Lowes.

Current Bid: Douglas Tully - $25
DS7meade-45inf8-newt-gem(original)Meade 4.5 inch f/8 Newtonian Reflector on German Equatorial Mount (GEM)

Accessories: Galileo finder; tripod eyepiece tray

Current Bid: Ronald Monti - $30
DS8Coulter-Odyssey-8lCoulter Odyssey 8″ f/4.5 Dobsonian Reflector

Accessories: Galileo finder
Note: The focuser on this scope is stiff and needs to be replaced, but it does technically work.

This scope is on long term loan to the NRC. Please contact Chris Cole or other club officers with any questions on this scope. This scope is NOT available for sale at this time.