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I have been doing photography for many years and although I’m not a professional photographer I do consider myself an advanced amateur, if you could believe there is such a classification. I actually was the official photographer for the volunteer fire department that I was a member of and I must admit there were many great photographs of fires and other incidents that we responded to, of course that was another time and place. A few years ago, I was looking for something…

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April Imaging Meeting

For our April Meeting, bring by any of your new images to share with the group. There also will be a discussion of other future topics. We will be meeting in the usual place behind the Brickhouse Restaurant in the hallway at 7pm this Thursday, April 19.

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January Imaging Meeting: Imaging OTAs

We will be discussing the pros and cons of different types of imaging optics that can be found throughout the hobby of Astrophotography. Any member can bring in their favorite imaging OTA and share their experiences and images taken with it.

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December Imaging Meeting: Plate Solving

We will be meeting in the usual place in the outside hallway of the Brickhouse Restaurant, Thursday December 21. For this months topic, we will have a brief discussion on plate solving. Plate solving is a technique in which a computer program can identify exactly where your telescope is pointing in the night sky. This allows you to quickly frame photo in whatever orientation you want instead of manually.

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November Imaging Meeting

Our topic for a rundown of available processing programs for astro-imagers will be tentatively postponed for the December Meeting.  Instead there will be an open discussion for new materials/questions members may want to present.

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1/19/2017 Imaging Meeting: Plans for 2017

Join us at the Brickhouse Restaurant (3801 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27607 – the Royal center) on Thursday, January 19, 2017.   The meeting begins at 7pm.  We meet in the hallway just behind the restaurant. We will be discussing plans for future topics, possible imaging outings for 2017, and a brief mention of how you can contribute for the Astronomy Days Event.

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