Managing Users (Officers)

There is not much user maintenance required on the RAC site. This post describes common tasks for officers in managing users.

User List

The User menu on the site dashboard allows you to view the current user listing for that site. You can access it via the Users or Users->All Users menu listing.

Users Menu
Users Menu

If there are any actions needed you will see a red circle with the number indicating the outstanding number of actions needed (see above).

Electronic Payment User Process

For most users (who pay dues electronically), the user process is:

    1. A user will click on the PayPal button
    2. The user will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction
    3. When PayPal has verified the transaction, it will send a notification to the RAC site and the RAC site will send an email with a register link to the user
    4. The user will complete the registration form on the register link and upson completion will have access to the site.

If a user does not receive a confirmation/registration email, confirm with the treasurer the payment was made (and not immediately reversed) and a new registration email/link can be sent to the member by doing the following:

  1. Ask the treasurer to look at PayPal for the "Paid Subscriber ID" (can be obtained from the PayPal history).
  2. Go To the S2Member-->PayPal Buttons Screen

  1.  Select Member Registration Access Links

  1. Put the subscriber ID into the appropriate field and set the Fixed Term Length to "1 Y" and select the Generate Access Link.

  1. Alternatively, an account can be created manually.  For more information on this, please see Creating Users Manually.

Cash/Check User Process

For any members which renew by Cash or Check, these accounts will need to be created manually. For more information on this, please see Creating Users Manually.

Family Memberships - Second Voting Member

For any second voting members for a family membership, the second voting member account must be created by hand.  For more information, please see Creating Users Manually.

User Listing Screen and Roles

The User listing screen will show all the users for the site and their roles.

The column marked with the blue arrow is the EOT time.  This is the time that this particular membership is set to expire.

Please note the column marked with the red arrow.  This is the users role on the site.  Users may have multiple roles in WordPress sites.  For the RAC site, all members must have a primary role that is one of the following:

  • Individual Member - Provides basic member permissions
  • Family Member - Provides the same exact permissions, but allows officer to know who is a family member
  • Expired Member - Any member which reaches EOT will have their membership turned into an expired membership

You can click on one of roles listed in blue at the top to get a filtered listing of only those roles.

Some members need additional permissions and these are done by assigning additional roles to them.  These will show up below the primary role in the member listing.  The additional roles used in the RAC site are:

  • Committee - This role is for members who are not officers, but serve on committees who need access to do things like create/edit events, manage registrations for events, and editing some content on the site.
  • Officer - This role provides all privileges related to users and content on the site and is meant for members of the executive committee.  The only thing not provided to this role is system settings priveleges.
  • Administrator - Provides all privileges and is meant for members of the web master team.

User Editing

You can change user settings by moving the mouse over the users row and selecting Edit (in the Username field).  The editing screen will appear.  This screen is almost identical to the profile editing screen, but it has some additional fields.   The one that are important for officers are:

1 . Primary Role (See above for role definitions)

2. Password Reset and Automatic EOT Time

Selecting the Generate Password will cause a new user password to be generated.  The user will NOT be notifed of this change.  You will need to email the new password to the user.

The Automatic EOT Time is the member expiration date.  This can be manually changed and you can use any date format understood by PHP, like mm/dd/yyyy.

3. Additional Site Roles

To add additional roles, click the Other Roles box to get a selection list.  Roles can be selected and deselected from here.  The example above is for a committee member.

IMPORTANT: No changes are saved until the Update User button is clicked.


Removing Users

In order to completely remove a user, you will use the member listing and when hovering over their row, select the Delete option.  Selecting Delete will remove the member completely.