Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. A member of our outreach group will respond within a few days.

Some notes about requesting an event:

  • RAC provides these opportunities free of charge. We never charge for outreach nor can we accept compensation.
  • Events on weekdays during normal business hours are very difficult to our club to support. Evenings are weekends are preferred.
  • Planning an evening observing session:
    • Do quick check of the sunset time. Observing can typically start about 1 hour after sunset. This can be very late for school age groups in the warmer months
    • We need not only dry conditions, but skies reasonably free of clouds. Around our area, about half our observing events are cancelled or postponed due to weather. Please consider a rain date, if possible
    • Volunteers bring their own personal telescopes - they need to be able to get close to the observing location with their vehicles and/or have safe transportation of their equipment.
    • Remember only one person can look through a telescope at a time - for larger groups this can mean waiting in line as everyone takes their turn.

The contents of this form will be reviewed by the RAC Outreach Committee. Submitting this form does not guarantee RAC can or will be present for the event. We are a 100% volunteer hobby club. We try our best to accommodate as many groups as possible, but simply do not have the resources to staff every request.

RAC Outreach Request Form

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