RAC receives a lot of questions about buying a telescope. The answer always depends on your goals in astronomy, but for many a dobsonian style telescope is the most cost effective option to own an amateur class telescope.
Dobsonians are relatively inexpensive because their optical tube is the least complex and it is mounted on a very simple base. This makes them very rugged telescopes and very easy to set up and operate. And since Aperture is king when it comes to visual astronomy, dobsonians give you the most bang for the buck.

Prices subject to change.
Price List form other Popular brands.

Orion Telescopes
XT6 – $300

XT8 – $400

XT10 – $630

XT12i Intellescope – $1,350
In the Orion line of dobsonians, the “i” indicates the “intelliscope” version. Simply put, this is a computer that goes with the telescope. Once you align the scope, the computer will tell you which way to push the telescope to find objects in the database. Your mileage may vary with this feature.
Some Orion dobsonians models begin with XX, opposed to XT. These are the truss tubes. Truss tubes disassemble for easier transport.
Last, some models have a “g” at the end of the model numbers. These versions include go-to models. In this case, the intelliscope is upgraded and the telescope can automatically move to a target and track the night sky.

Zhumell is not as well branded as Orion, but their telescopes are just as good. Some club members have indicated that the base of their telescopes is better made, using ball bearings opposed to teflon pads for smoother movements.

Zhumell z8 – $480

Zhumell z10 – $700

Zhumell z12 – $1,665

*NOTE: RAC has no direct relationship with any telescope maker and the views are mere opinions expressed by some of our members. Please do your own due diligence before buying a telescope