I want to thank everyone who joined RAC’s 1st virtual observing session last night (4/24/2020). We had a maximum of 28 connections for the session. Which is about what we have for a well attended RACOBS.
Clouds hampered us initially but Steve Goodman and Rob Orr stepped in by presenting their photo accomplishments while Matt, Mike, and I could acquire objects and alignment.  We got some decent images of M44 (Bee Hive), M3, NGC 5907 (Knife edge Galaxy), M51 (Whirlpool galaxy), M13, and some cool spectra from Arcturus that Matt was capturing.  We had a great session where we shared knowledge about imaging, spectra, and the observing. We battled clouds all night long but overall we had a great evening and lots of great conversation. Most of us stayed on for a good 3 1/2 hours before the clouds completely over took the sky and we had to pack up and go inside.
We’ll definitely do this again.