Below are three images (Nikon D5500, 10-20mm zoom, tabletop tripod) from my early morning walk around Pittsboro.  To the left of the moon In the 1st and 2nd images are the planets Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. To the right are the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius.



Wind Damage

I attempted to image the Lyrid meteors from the dam at Jordan Lake yesterday.  Only two frames out of several hundred captured any meteors.  Unfortunately, a strong wind gust occurred around 4 AM that blew over one of three cameras.  The attached image shows what my Nikon D600 with a Nikkor 8-15mm fisheye attached was imaging as it was falling backwards before bouncing and settling on the pavement.  The camera appears to have landed on the hot shoe mount as all of the damage was to the upper body.  The mechanical dials are locked in place, but somehow the camera still operates in pure auto mode (i.e., the equivalent of a full frame point and shoot).  Fortunately, the more valuable fisheye lens survived unscathed.

Wind damage