13 December 2019

Co-chairperson Steve Blake led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center
Attendance was not recorded, but 20 to 25 people attended.

Indoor Meeting: Swap meet and holiday social. Very little swapping occurred perhaps because the weather was quite bad (rain).


1. Treasury report. The report was provided by Co-chairman Steve Blake on behalf of Treasurer Steve Izzo:

Current membership: 228 (counting 2 per family membership)
Single Members: 142
Family Members: 43

• $401.67 in business checking
• $12,666.75 in savings
• $728.00 in special purpose checking

2. Upcoming events:

• Dec 27: RACOBS
• Jan 10: Indoor meeting. Please see the RAC website and/or [email protected] for speaker and topic.
3. Observing awards.

Anastasia Vail, club intern and NCSU senior, earned the “Binocular Messier” and “Lunar Observing” awards from the Astronomical League. Congratulations Ana!

Photo by Mark Lang

Ana will be graduating next week and has provided some very useful assistance during her internship with RAC. We presented a gift to Ana on behalf of the Club in thanks for her contributions. Congratulations on your graduation Ana!

Photo by Mark Lang

4. Astronomy Days will be held January 25 & 26 at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Steven Blake is coordinating activities for RAC. This year’s theme is Earth and Ocean Worlds. If you have an idea for a new exhibit, please contact Steven right away as the deadline is very soon. Exhibit Volunteers and presenters may sign up soon – watch [email protected] for more information.