13 September 2019

Co-chairperson Steve Blake led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center

33 members, 7 guests attended.

“Understanding Sky Conditions: How They Affect Observing” was presented by RAC members Mike Keefe and Phyllis Lang. Three categories of sky conditions were explained, as well as methods of measuring each.

By assessing sky conditions, you can decide what types of objects are best suited to conditions.


1. Upcoming astronomy class.

Sep 29 – “Astronomy with Binoculars”, 2-3pm, Cameron Village Public Library, Room 202. Seating is limited so you need to register for a seat at Eventbrite.

2. Treasury report. The report was provided by Treasurer Steve Izzo:

Current membership: 199 (counting 2 per family membership)
Single Members: 119
Family Members: 40


  • $800 in business checking
  • $12,355 in savings
  • $25 in special purpose checking

3. Observing Committee report. The report was provided by Observing Committee chair Matt Lochansky. If you are interested in participating in outreach events, please join the [email protected] subgroup of the raleighastro mailing list.

Major upcoming public observing session:

  • Oct 5: “Observe the Moon Night” at Dorothea Dix Park. We will need lots of telescopes for this popular event.

4. Webmaster needs help. If you can assist with our WordPress website, please contact Matt at [email protected]

5. Observing awards.

It was a record night for presenting Astronomical League (AL) Observing Awards to RAC members.

  • Anastasia Vail, Faith Newsome and Ramiro Rodriguez earned the “Apollo 50th Anniversary” NASA Observing Challenge certificate from the AL

  • Mike Keefe earned the Binocular Messier observing award from the AL.

Congratulations to our intrepid observers!