Co-chairperson Ann Murphy led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center

24 members, 2 guests attended.

RAC member Barton Meeks presented “Analemmas”. Barton presented some background information about timekeeping based on the sun followed by his experience and equipment for observing and measuring the position of the sun at local noon for a year which produces the famous analemma. He has used information from the Astronomical League’s ‘Analemma’ observing program. There were lots of questions, and perhaps a few attendees were inspired to try the project.


1. Club elections. Nominations were closed. With a a quorum present and 1 candidate per open office, the slate of officers was approved by acclamation.

The officers for 2019-2020 are:

Co-chairpersons: Steve Blake, Doug Lively, Ann Murphy
Treasurer: Steve Izzo
Secretary: Phyllis Lang

2. Treasury report.  The report was provided by Treasurer Steve Izzo:

Current membership: 188 (counting 2 per family membership)
Single Members: 108
Family Members: 40


  • $363 in business checking
  • $13,554 in savings
  • $167 in special purpose checking

3. Observing award. RAC member Jim Michnowicz earned the Astronomical League’s ‘Binocular Messier’ award. The award was presented by ALCor Doug Lively. Jim said the project helped him learn the sky, and it was done with 8×50 binoculars. Congratulations Jim!

4. Observing Committee report.  Matt Lochansky mentioned some upcoming events. As usual, please watch the raleighastro mailing list for details.

  • July 16: Observing for Girl Scout STEM Camp at Meredith College.
  • July 20: One Giant Leap Festival at NC Museum of History. Celebration of the Apollo 11 landing 50 years ago. Volunteers are still welcome but it is too late to signup for free lunch and t-shirts. Please contact Doug Lively if you are interested in participating.
  • October 5: Public observing at Dorothea Dix Park. We will need lots of telescopes for this popular event.


  • June 28: RACOBS at Big Woods
  • July 12: Indoor Meeting at NCSU Crafts Center. Dr Patrick Treuthardt will discuss the results (so far) of the Spiral Graph project on Zooniverse. Dr Treuthardt is the Assistant Head of the Astrophysics Research Lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. You can learn about the Spiral Graph project (and participate as a citizen scientist) at