Co-chairperson Doug Lively led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center

28 members, 1 guest attended.

RAC member Chris Cole presented “Observing & Imaging Solar Wavelengths”. Chris presented his experience and equipment for observin and imaging the sun in white light, Hydrogen-Alpha light and Calcium-K light. There were lots of questions.


The treasury report  was provided by Treasurer Steve Izzo:

Current membership: 225 (counting 2 per family membership)
Single Members: 145
Family Members: 40


  • $454 in business checking
  • $13,219 in savings
  • $339 in special purpose checking

Observing Committee:  Matt Lochansky (watch raleighastro mailing list for details)

  • May 18; Public Observing @ Dorothea Dix Park, Raleigh; we need a coordinator and lots of volunteers.
  • May 31; Statewide Star Party raindate @ Prairie Ridge. We need a few scopes.
  • July 20; NC Museum of History; coordinated by Doug Lively. A volunteer signup will be out soon because we must submit a final list of volunteers by June 10. Volunteers will receive: free lunch, free t-shirt, access to hospitality room (snacks), free parking in the deck beneath the Museum, tent, tables, chairs and water on Bicentenniel Mall for solar observing volunteers


  • May 24: RACOBS at Big Woods
  • June 14: Indoor Meeting at NCSU Crafts Center. Speaker TBA.
  • June 14: Elections. A full slate is available but nominations remain open. The officers that are currently serving have been nominated to continue in their respective positions. Please contact an officer with additional nominations.