Co-chairperson Steve Blake led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center

26 members, 10 guests attended.

RAC member Phyllis Lang presented “Seeing Green: Are There Any Green Stars”. While eye physiology may prevent seeing green, 7 stars were discussed as appearing green to some observers.


Jim Michnowicz is organizing a Messier Marathon on March 30 at Big Woods. He discussed optimal observing order to maximize your chance of seeing all 110 objects. It will be very difficult to see all. Mike Keefe will provide a warming tent, gas stove and coffee. Jim will post more info on the raleighastro mailing list.

The treasury report  was provided by Doug Lively for Treasurer Steve Izzo:

Current membership: 222 (counting 2 per family membership)
Single Members: 122
Family Members: 50


  • $710 in business checking
  • $13,183 in savings
  • $155 in special purpose checking

Observing Committee:  Matt Lochansky

Watch raleighastro mailing list for details on all of these events

  • Fri Apr 12 7:00PM – 10:00PM; State Wide Star Party  @ Prairie Ridge Eco Station, Raleigh; coordinated by Steve Blake.
  • Fri Apr 12 7:00PM – 10:00PM; State Wide Star Party @ Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve, Raleigh; coordinated by Ron Monti.
  • Fri Apr 12 6:30PM – 10:30PM; State Wide Star Party @ American Tobacco Trail White Oak Church Access, Apex; coordinated by Mike Keefe.
  • Sat Apr 13 7:00PM – 10:00PM; State Wide Star Party @  White Deer Park, Garner; coordinated by Matt Lochansky
  • May 4; Public Observing @ NC Museum of Art, Raleigh; coordinated by Steve Blake.
  • May 18; Public Observing @ Dorothea Dix Park, Raleigh; coordinator TBA.
  • July 20; NC Museum of History; coordinated by Doug Lively.

ALCOR:  Doug Lively

  • Jack Lochansky was awarded the Outreach Award and the Stellar Outreach Award
  • Matt Lochansky was awarded the Master Outreach Award
  • Mark Lang was awarded the Comet Observing Program Gold Level Award