25 members, 14 guests attended

Co-chairperson Doug Lively led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center.

RAC member Ann Murphy presented “Getting Started in Astronomy”. Many visitors from the recent Astronomy Days (in late January) attended.


Our next RACOBS is March 8 (weather permitting!

Our next indoor meeting is March 22 at our usual location, NCSU Crafts Center. RAC member Phyllis Lang will present “Observing Green Stars”.

The treasury report  was provided by Treasurer Steve Izzo:

Current membership: 169
Single Members: 119
Family Members: 50


  • $648 in business checking
  • $13,248 in savings
  • $4 in special purpose checking

High School Shadow project. Jasen Greco is working on a project to understand:  “How can people contribute to the effort of raising awareness for astronomy?” He will be joining us for a few months.

Observing Committee Report by Matt Lochansky

Sat Apr 6 – 7:00AM – 4:00PM UNC Science Fest – Solar Observing ~9hrs (Already Covered)  

Fri Apr 12 – 7:00PM – 10:00PM Prairie Ridge Eco Station – Raleigh – State Wide Star Party – 3 hrs

Fri Apr 12 – 7:00OM – 10:00PM – Ann E. Wilkerson Nature Preserve – State Wide Star Party- 3hrs

Sat Apr 13 – 7:00PM – 10:00PM White Deer Park – Garner – State Wide Star Party – 3 hrs

This year we will have a Messier Marathon led by Jim Michnowicz. Possible dates are March 9/10 or 30/31. Please monitor the groups.io email list for final plans.

ALCOR Doug Lively presented the Astronomical League’s Lunar II observing award to club member Al Hamrick. Congratulations Al!