Co-chairperson Steve Blake led the meeting at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.
29 members, 3 guests attended.

This meeting was held at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences so that members needing to set up equipment for Astronomy Days could do so before the meeting.

Guest speaker Tony Rice presented “Parker Solar Probe”, an overview of NASA’s mission to study the sun. Tony discussed the launch vehicle, the instruments on board the spacecraft and some the science that we haope to derive from the mission. Since the probe will be the first to fly through the solar atmosphere, dealing with the heat was a special concern for the engineers


Our next RACOBS is February 8 (weather permitting!)

RAC co-chairperson Ann Murphy wil present “Beginning Astronomy” at our next indoor meeting on February 22 at our usual location, NCSU Crafts Center.

The treasury report  was presented by Treasurer Steve Izzo:

  • $735 in business checking
  • $12,223 in savings
  • $417 in special purpose checking
  • 111 individual members; 46 family members

We are keeping our PO box at the Cameron Village Post Office. That Post Office is not closing. We will retain of long-time mailing address – PO Box 10643, Raleigh NC 27605.

The Club’s Volunteer Program has begun. T-shirts are available now for those volunteering at Astronomy Days. Please see club member Mike Keefe for a shirt or information about the program.