It is very important to keep your profile up to date. Your profile data is shared with the Astronomical League and may be accessible within the club.

To Update Your Profile or change your password:
1. Log into your account using your account email and password. If you forgot your password, click here
2. Scroll down the members page and find your profile information, see Fig-1.
3. Update the information. Please ensure an up to date address is provided.
4. There are two fields for email addresses:

  • Email – This is your primary account email address. It is the one you use to login to the site.
  • Email for Directory – This is an alternate email which is used for personal communication only (e.g. member directory or

NOTE: If you change email address, please let the treasurer and/or webmaster know. Our Groups.IO email distribution list does not sync with this system. We do keep the list current (purging non-members after the renewal deadline). If your preferred email address is not in one of these two places it is at risk for deletion.

To Set Up Advanced Profile Features, Including Privacy Settings:
5. Additional profile details can be added on the profile tab, see Fig 2
6. Privacy Settings are set here. RAC now has a member directory that all members can access to encourage communication among our members. You can opt out of the directory completely or delist your address or phone number. If you opt out, the data is still provided to the astronomical league and is available to club members granted higher access.
7. Add a profile description, if desired. This can be personal, a list of equipment you own, or anything else. You can also link to your social networking pages (astronomy based or personal).
8. There is an additional tab which allows upload of photos. Please do not use this as a primary data repository.
9. Be sure to click “Save and Continue”