Renewing your membership is easier than ever before!

1. Log into your account using your account email and password. If you forgot your password, click here
2. Scroll down the members page and find the “Renew, Upgrade, or Update Billing” button, See Fig-1.

  • If you are an individual member, it will say “Individual Member”
  • If you are a Family Member, it will say “Family Member”
  • If you are the second member in a family membership, it will say Family Member – Second. Only the First Family member can perform renewal.

3. Select the type of renewal. RAC allows for auto-pay which will set up automatic payment each year.
Auto-Pay Annual Renewal:
See Fig-2. Enter your billing information and your card will automatically be charged each year. You will receive renewal reminders before being charged.

One-Time Annual Membership
See Fig-3. Enter billing information. Memberships are valid until Jan 1 of the next year. You will need to arrange payment at that time.

4. Once you complete the transaction, a record of the transaction will be sent to you for your records.

NOTE: Access to the site (and the ability to renew) for non-paying members is revoked by March 31. After that time, you must contact the club treasurer to renew.