Co-chairperson Ann Murphy led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center.

75-80 people attended, there were many guests


Dispatched from a Dark Universe

Dr. Katie Mack presented “Dispatched from a Dark Universe”.  Here is the abstract: There’s more to the Universe than we can see – even more than we can ever see. I’ll give a tour of the edges of our knowledge of the cosmos, including where the frontiers are, and what might remain unknowable forever. Come for the Big Bang, stay for the possibility of the ultimate destruction of all of reality!  There were many questions during the break and afterwards from this presentation.


  • IOAA Science Olympiad – Sahil Pantula – 5 minutes

More information:

He presented this topic very well.  At the end of his presentation, there were many questions from the Audience.

  • Astronomy Days – Ann Murphy – 15 minutes

Ann Murphy presented the requirements for the presentation/workshops and the exhibits.


Both presentation ideas and exhibit ideas need to be submitted by December 14, 2018.  The existing exhibits will need leads.  Lead volunteers need to contact the officers at [email protected].  Steve will follow up with the leads from last year.  Any new exhibits ideas must be submitted by 12/14/2018.


Anyone wanting to give a presentation must submit an idea and title by 12/14/2018.  The link to the form for the museum is :

  • Treasure’s Report – Ann Murphy
  • Website – Matt Lochansky

The website is coming soon.  Matt will let everyone know when it is available.

  • Observing Committee: Matt Lochansky
  • November 29, 2018 – Olive Chapel Elementary School Stem night – Went really well.
  • December 11, [email protected] – Wakefield ES stem night – 4:20-4:25 to setup, 2400 Wakefield Pines Drive – Matt/Ann

Matt will be traveling on 12/11.  Ann Murphy will be in charge of the night.  Could always use a scope or two.

  • Additional events
  • Need more club Help with Volunteering, Social Media, Coordination
  • Volunteer t-shirt – Mike Keefe did not have any updates.
  • Next Meeting: Swap Meet (7:30-9:30) – May need a different space.

This is December 14, 2018.  The Crafts Center is closed for maintenance.  Mike Mantini will see if he can find another place on campus.

Contributed by Ann Murphy