Co-chairperson Steve Blake led the meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center.
28 members, 4 guests attended.


RAC member Doug Lively presented “Glorious Globulars”, an overview of globular clusters. He included the history of their discovery, current understanding of their distribution and cosmology,  how charts indicate them and some favorite Messier globulars.


Upcoming speakers for 4th quarter include:

  • November 30: Dr. Katie Mack of NCSU, topic to be announced
  • December 14: RAC holiday social and swap meet. Venue will be announced.

The treasury report was presented by Treasurer Steve Izzo:

  • $620 in business checking
  • $12,122 in savings
  • $2 in special purpose checking

Three concerns were raised and will be explored by the officers:

  1. The imaging group is meeting at Manchester Grill in north Raleigh. The meeting room is quite nice but there is a $300 minimum food bill required to secure the room. On the occasion that attendees do not spend the required amount, the difference must be paid. The officers were asked to decide whether the Club should pay the difference.
  2. NCSU may require payment for the space we use at the Crafts Center for our meetings. Officers will need to assess the requirement when we know what it is. There is a chance that we could offer a program to NCSU students that will eliminate the fee.
  3. We may need a larger meeting space. For example the Katie Mack talk on Nov 30 is likely to draw a larger crowd than usual. How will we accommodate this? Our last few meetings have drawn 30-40 people.

ALCor Doug Lively presented the Astronomical League Double Star award to Al Hamrick. Al is the first RAC member to complete the requirements for the award which includes sketches of 100 double stars.

Planning for Astronomy Days has begun. If you wish to lead an exhibit please contact an officer. If you wish to give a presentation, please contact an officer before 17 December. After that date, speaking slots will be offered to other groups.

Public Observing Committee chairman Matt Lochansky reported on the upcoming public observing sessions. Please monitor the ‘outreach’ email list for updates – [email protected] or  Note that RAC members can subscibe to the ‘outreach’ email list by sending a blank email to [email protected]

  • 17 Nov – Dorothea Dix Park – Leonid meteor shower and more. We expect a few thousand people so many telescopes are needed.
  • 29 Nov – Olive Chapel Elementary School STEM night (Event leader and 4 scopes needed)
  • 11 Dec – Wakefield Elementary School STEM night (4 scopes needed)

Webmaster Matt Lochansky is modifying the website. He is simplifying the site and eliminating unused features. He needs club input regarding features that need to be kept. Please monitor the ‘members’ email list for updates – [email protected] or