Location: NCSU Crafts Center (directions)
Date: May 18, 2018
Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Talk Title : “Mars! Dust Storms, Opposition, and Observing”
Speaker : Shannon Morgan

Shannon Morgan, who is a Solar System Ambassador, will talk about Mars. This talk encompasses three sections on Mars and its opposition. The first part will be a brief discussion of the current historic dust event and what that means for the rovers. The second part will be about the upcoming opposition and why 2018 is such a good year, but also how 2020 might be better. Also, she will cover why some oppositions are better than others. Lastly, there will be some observing tips and tricks she has picked up, such as looking for the right clouds to indicate when the seeing might be good. This talk will have plenty of time for Q&A at the end. She will also have samples of the same regolith simulant JPL uses for rover testing so everyone can “feel” the surface of Mars. This will be a very interesting and insightful talk about Mars.

RAC Business:
After the presentation, we will discuss additional RAC business.

We will then adjourn for dinner at a Sammy’s Tap and Grill on Avent Ferry Rd.