RAC Hosts A Pair of Outreach Event September 22-23

RAC hosted a pair of outreach events this past weekend.  Outreach is a service that our club members provide to our community.


RACOBS with Heartwood Montessori:

About 50 elementary school age kids and parents joined RAC during their monthly RACOBS session on Friday night to learn about astronomy and get a look through telescopes.  We started with a brief safety talk and introduction to astronomy.   Afterwards, club members helped show kids a range of objects from a thin crescent moon, Jupiter (which was too low on t he horizon to see clearly), Saturn, Albireo, the Ring Nebula, and other nebulae and star clusters, among other objects.  Shortly after dark, the southern end of the Milky Way came into view.   We discussed constellations and had some nice conversations.

A few clouds encroached, but didn't interfere until the last of the kids left a little after 9pm.


Take a Child Outside Campout:

Bond Park in Cary requested a public observing session on Saturday night, Sep 23 for a parents & kids camp out. Representing RAC were Mark and Phyllis Lang, and Chris Cole. We expected as many as 80 attendees though we actually handled about 60 between 8 and 9:30 or so when clouds shut us down.

We showed primarily the moon and Saturn to a very appreciative group of parents and children. The Park service staff was very helpful and responsive to our needs, making this is a very pleasant experience. We had the help of 2 NCSU Parks & Rec students during the event, and they were really interested in our activity.

Even after cloud-out, a few stragglers came by and we explained how the telescope worked, and they seemed happy with that.