Recap: October RACOBS, Oct 28 is a GO!!

We had one of the best showings that I've seen in a while for RACOBS. Sky conditions were above average and everyone was petty excited to be out there.

There were at least 10-15 people there. Some members of the NCSU astronomy club showed up, and we had a chance to talk and help them out. Mike M. offered to do an imaging class for them on campus sometime. Thanks to David K. who spent most of the the evening with them, showing how to use and find objects with their scope.

Most folks stay until around  midnight.  At least one member hung around until around 2am before packing up. While the sky was great for viewing and imaging, dew became a real problem as the night cooled down. Everyone needs to realize, that you should have some type of dew management system to keep the dew at bay. Always remember, if your optics do dew up, do not try to wipe it off with a cloth, as most optics have  a special coating on the top, that can be easily scratched.

Thanks to Chris C. for coordinating the RACOBS.


Joe P. shared this image:




Our monthly observing session out at our Big Woods observing site is a GO.   The gates will be opened by the 7 o'clock hour at the latest.  Some of our other keyholders will be arriving earlier.  This RACOBS promises to be a moist one.