RAC Business Meeting – September 9, 2016

About 25 members attended the club's monthly indoor meeting.  Many thanks to the club members who presented some of their astrophotography work during the presentation portion of the meeting.  From single photos to time lapses, the galaxy (and beyond!) was well represented.


Club Business:

BBQ: A club Barbecue is being planned for October 15.  Chris Cole is organizing.   At least 20 participants are needed to lock in the catering.   The club will provide barbecue, wings, ice cream, and maybe some hot dogs.   Members are asked to bring a side dish.

Solar Glasses:   The club is looking to buy members solar viewing glasses and possibly some handouts for visitors to our outreach events.  The big solar eclipse across the USA is next year!

Volunteers:  Many thanks to the new volunteers who stepped up to fill some important roles.   Rick Savage is the new coordinator for the loaner scope program and Rob Orr and Tony Segner for helping with the website administration committee!

Safe Deposit Box:   The club is considering moving the safe deposit box.   The current box as an annual fee and is underutilized.   The plan is to store important club documents in a fireproof box within our climate controlled storage facility.

Treasurer Report:  Steve presented his monthly treasurer's report.