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Why Cancel?

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The Raleigh Astronomy Club means different things to different people. We are a social group allowing many people with an interest in astronomy to interact. We get active the the community offering public outreach, classroom based leaning, and more to our neighbors. Within the club, we help get newbies started by offering loaner scopes and knowledge. And membership is only $25 for the year – it helps us pay our insurance, website fees, and storage for club supplies, and other club business, like a picnic. Our club is made up of seasoned astronomers to complete novices. We certainly have a place for you, please reconsider!

If you want to start over, this takes you back to Membership options. Remember the single membership is all most need, unless there are two adults in your household who plan to be active in the club.

RAC is a non profit organization

Please send general inquiries to [email protected]

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