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The Raleigh Astronomy Club enjoys guests whether you are an accomplished astronomer or someone with a passing interest. All our meetings are open to the public and we hold events regularly to share views with our telescopes. If you are just starting in the hobby, someone is usually willing to lend a hand – we know it can be hard to decide on a telescope to buy and can be more challenging getting it setup the first few times.

There are no age restrictions, but younger visitors need to be accompanied by a parent.

Perhaps the most common discussion is around what telescope should I buy. There are several good brands and different types of telescopes. These guides may help to narrow the right choice for you. The answer may be different for each person depending on their situation.

We also run small classroom sessions teaching how to get involved in astronomy, how to nurture kids who are interested in astronomy, and how to start in astrophotography. Speaking of astrophotography, we’ve assembled a guide to astrophotography as well.

RAC is a non profit organization

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