Introduction to Astronomy

This class is meant to be an introduction to amateur astronomy for teenagers and adults. The class covers the basics including:

  • What to expect from amateur astronomy
  • What equipment is needed
  • What resources are available
  • Common pitfalls for beginners
  • Q&A session

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Below is a PDF of the slides presented in the class:

Links Discussed in the Class

Raleigh Astronomy Club -

Good Telescope Manufacturers:

  • Orion Telescopes -
  • Meade -
  • Celestron -
  • Explore Scientific - href="" target="_blank">
  • iOptron - href="" target="_blank">
  • Televue - href="" target="_blank">
  • Vixen - href="" target="_blank">

Good Telescope Retailers:


Software and Apps:

Other Equipment and Articles

Books & Atlases:

Online Tools

Online Forums and Classifieds:

Maintenance & Tips