The Raleigh Astronomy Club has been meeting and sharing astronomy with the Raleigh, NC community since 1977. Incorporated in 1994,the club has continuously offered public events and observing to the community and helped thousands of amateur astronomers learn more and enjoy astronomy.

The club started as a adult education college course titled "Introduction to Observational Astronomy" taught at Meredith College by Bob Melvin. The class met in the Spring and Fall semesters in 1977.

Spring: Met January 17, 1977 through March 20, 1977. (10 classes.)
Length of each class was 3 hours.
11 students

Fall: Met September 12, 1977 through December 19,1977. (10 classes.)
Length of each class was 2 hours.
17 students.

The following pages provide some details on the history of the Raleigh Astronomy Club.

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