Darkness Report – May

Location:  Raleigh, NC                     Beginning:    01 May 2019
Latitude:  35°.87 N                        Ending:       31 May 2019
Longitude: 78°.78 W                        LT/UT:        LT
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time           Days to Skip: 1

Dow   Date     AM Tw    Sun Rise    Sun Set   PM Tw    Moon Rise     Moon Set    Phase    AM Dark    End     PM Dark    End     
Wed   01 May   04:48a   06:23a      08:02p    09:38p   04:58a        04:57p      14.1%    12:00a     04:48a  09:38p     11:59p  
Thu   02 May   04:47a   06:22a      08:03p    09:39p   05:27a        05:55p      8.0%     12:00a     04:47a  09:39p     11:59p  
Fri   03 May   04:45a   06:21a      08:04p    09:40p   05:56a        06:54p      3.5%     12:00a     04:45a  09:40p     11:59p  
Sat   04 May   04:44a   06:20a      08:05p    09:41p   06:27a        07:54p      0.8%     12:00a     04:44a  09:41p     11:59p  
Sun   05 May   04:42a   06:19a      08:05p    09:42p   07:01a        08:57p      0.2%     12:00a     04:42a  09:42p     11:59p  
Mon   06 May   04:41a   06:18a      08:06p    09:44p   07:40a        10:00p      1.8%     12:00a     04:41a  10:00p     11:59p  
Tue   07 May   04:40a   06:17a      08:07p    09:45p   08:24a        11:03p      5.6%     12:00a     04:40a  11:03p     11:59p  
Wed   08 May   04:38a   06:16a      08:08p    09:46p   09:14a        None        11.7%    12:00a     04:38a  None               
Thu   09 May   04:37a   06:15a      08:09p    09:47p   10:11a        12:03a      19.7%    12:03a     04:37a  None               
Fri   10 May   04:36a   06:14a      08:10p    09:48p   11:14a        12:59a      29.3%    12:59a     04:36a  None               
Sat   11 May   04:34a   06:13a      08:10p    09:50p   12:20p        01:49a      40.1%    01:49a     04:34a  None               
Sun   12 May   04:33a   06:12a      08:11p    09:51p   01:28p        02:34a      51.5%    02:34a     04:33a  None               
Mon   13 May   04:32a   06:11a      08:12p    09:52p   02:37p        03:14a      62.8%    03:14a     04:32a  None               
Tue   14 May   04:31a   06:11a      08:13p    09:53p   03:44p        03:50a      73.5%    03:50a     04:31a  None               
Wed   15 May   04:30a   06:10a      08:14p    09:54p   04:52p        04:25a      83.0%    04:25a     04:30a  None               
Thu   16 May   04:28a   06:09a      08:14p    09:56p   05:59p        04:59a      90.7%    None               None               
Fri   17 May   04:27a   06:08a      08:15p    09:57p   07:05p        05:34a      96.2%    None               None               
Sat   18 May   04:26a   06:08a      08:16p    09:58p   08:11p        06:10a      99.2%    None               None               
Sun   19 May   04:25a   06:07a      08:17p    09:59p   09:15p        06:50a      99.8%    None               None               
Mon   20 May   04:24a   06:06a      08:18p    10:00p   10:15p        07:34a      98.0%    None               10:00p     10:15p  
Tue   21 May   04:23a   06:06a      08:18p    10:01p   11:11p        08:21a      94.1%    None               10:01p     11:11p  
Wed   22 May   04:22a   06:05a      08:19p    10:02p   None          09:13a      88.5%    None               10:02p     11:59p  
Thu   23 May   04:21a   06:04a      08:20p    10:04p   12:01a        10:07a      81.4%    12:00a     12:01a  10:04p     11:59p  
Fri   24 May   04:20a   06:04a      08:21p    10:05p   12:45a        11:03a      73.3%    12:00a     12:45a  10:05p     11:59p  
Sat   25 May   04:19a   06:03a      08:21p    10:06p   01:24a        11:59a      64.4%    12:00a     01:24a  10:06p     11:59p  
Sun   26 May   04:18a   06:03a      08:22p    10:07p   01:58a        12:55p      55.1%    12:00a     01:58a  10:07p     11:59p  
Mon   27 May   04:18a   06:02a      08:23p    10:08p   02:30a        01:50p      45.6%    12:00a     02:30a  10:08p     11:59p  
Tue   28 May   04:17a   06:02a      08:23p    10:09p   02:59a        02:46p      36.3%    12:00a     02:59a  10:09p     11:59p  
Wed   29 May   04:16a   06:01a      08:24p    10:10p   03:27a        03:43p      27.3%    12:00a     03:27a  10:10p     11:59p  
Thu   30 May   04:15a   06:01a      08:25p    10:11p   03:56a        04:41p      19.0%    12:00a     03:56a  10:11p     11:59p  
Fri   31 May   04:15a   06:01a      08:25p    10:12p   04:26a        05:40p      11.8%    12:00a     04:15a  10:12p     11:59p  

31 days calculated

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